Sunday, November 30, 2008

Late-night dispatch

Yes, it's 2:30 am. I have never had insomnia before, at least not for any sort of prolonged period. I wake up to take my pain meds and then can't get back to sleep. I am looking forward to being completely recovered from this surgery.

My dad is staying with me right now, and nothing makes you feel feeble like having a 75 year old caretaker, but it's been great having him here and he makes excellent grilled cheese sandwiches (secret: English muffins and cheddar).

I am pretty bored because my mind is not fully functional, so my life right now is a round of tv and naps, with talking and occasional light reading. When I set my mind to something more intellectual, I can't focus. Maybe it's the opioids...

That's all from here.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

World's largest rodent

Your friends, the capybaras (courtesy of Cute Overload).

My mom and I used to go to the zoo and seek out the capybara, whose sign always said, no matter which zoo, "World's largest rodent." And yet they are so cute.

I am slowly returning to the land of the living from the land of the sick, followed by the land of surgery.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Photo day 23

Who's this on top of my computer monitor?

It is my tiny spider visitor. Since s/he was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, I had hoped to get a better shot -- but s/he was a jumper, so I couldn't get as close as I wanted.

Photo day 22

The Perfect one sticks her tongue out at you, but in a peaceful, relaxed sort of way.

Photo day 21

Taken from the link between the old and new hospitals.

Photo day 20

Starlings near the old medical school.

Photo day 19

Back when I felt like going places, which seems a lifetime ago but was only the end of September, I went to an art opening at a new UVa gallery. It was so much fun to see art and drink bad wine. I am going to make a point of going to more exhibits in the new year.

Brief update

Hello there, it's been a while.

I have been stuck at home feeling like crap for what? a month now? and I'm having surgery next week so blogging may continue to suffer.

I'm going to try to post some pictures today but so far Blogger is refusing to cooperate.