Thursday, February 7, 2008

Turkish Delight

It may seem self-evident, but Turkish Delight really *is* delightful. I tell you this because I just ate some. It was in the office break room, but I have no idea who brought it in and I doubt I'll find out.

In my former office, we would relentlessly ask our coworkers which of them brought in the cookies, doughnuts, Halloween candy, etc., etc. We would eventually discover whom we had to thank, unless someone accidentally asked the director, who took credit for everything, whether he brought it in or not. (He was just being funny, though -- but he was always so believable!)

Here, there are about a gazillion people working in labs, whom I've never seen, much less met. Since the Turkish Delight seems to have come from Turkey itself, that could be a clue, except that I have no idea who might have recently traveled to Turkey.

PS Can you believe my spellchecker is objecting to "doughnuts" while it has no problem with "donuts"? What is the world coming to? In the interest of full disclosure, I must inform you that it is also objecting to the word "spellchecker," so perhaps it is not the very best at its job.

PPS Thanks for the Turkish Delight, mysterious provider!


Kathy Likes Pink said...

What exactly IS Turkish Delight?

Catherine said...

Somehow I never thought to address that! Here's Wikipedia's answer (oh the shame, the horror!).

Kathy Likes Pink said...

OOH now I get it. In fact it says it is the same as Aplets and Cotlets, which I have had before - they are yummy!

Now I am craving them...

Melissima said...

I need to say that Willy Wonka brand Turkish Delight is not good. Rose-flavored gelee? In a diaphanous layer of not-great chocolate? I was very excited to find this TD because I always imagined it to be very delicious when Edmund was obsessed with it in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I thought it would be whipped. And involve a lot of dairy. Maybe custard with meringue on top. That's not what it is.