Monday, February 4, 2008

Just a wee bit rusty

I may have forgotten how to blog. Let's just see, shall we?

I had a great time visiting my family in NY. We had a surprise party for my Dad's 75th birthday, and boy, was he surprised! The initial moment of astonishment was a bit disconcerting, and one was forced to question the wisdom of surprising a 75 year old man, but he recovered quickly. One little bonus for me was that I was part of the surprise, coming from so far away. So he kind of had shock number 2 when he saw me. But he had a great time, seeing all his friends and family and having a great meal and a great birthday cake MY GOD THE CAKE. It was divine -- marble cake with pudding filling and whipped cream icing. Unfortunately I missed joining in the traditional birthday singing because I was accompanying my niece to the bathroom. But we could hear the singing from in there, so that was good.

I stayed with my brother and his family. I love them all. I have to say I am always a bit surprised at how much the kids love seeing me. Then I remember I always felt that way about my aunts and uncles. I'm their only aunt, so I pack an extra punch. Plus I happen to love seeing them also, and that often leads to popularity.

My sister-in-law basically put Dad's party together herself, and was pretty worried the day of -- but she did an amazing job and she and my brother were great hosts for the week. I also got to spend a lot of time with my Dad, which was really fun.

We had 3 adults, 2 children, 4 dogs, and a cat in my brother's modest cape cod-style home. There was no peace. But the hustle and bustle was enjoyable (although I was glad to return home, too).

At said home I was greeted with a functioning whirlpool bath and some beautifully painted rooms, albeit there's also an exceedingly tall step ladder in my great room, under which my sofa sits. We're not just *walking* under the ladder, baybee, we're *sitting* under it. Bring on the bad luck... go ahead, I dare you: BRING IT ON!

My first bath was a revelation of comfort and relaxation. I'm looking forward to my second one -- tonight!

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