Wednesday, January 23, 2008

An unworthy goal

Last night I was plotting today's blog post. I was going to use all kinds of high-falutin' words to attempt to get my blog up to post-grad reading level (see post below). I had all kinds of funny phrases in my head. This morning I woke up and thought "why do I care what a web widget thinks of my blog? and just what is it measuring anyway?" So I am sparing you that little experiment.

A certain someone suggests that I blog about home improvement, with lots of pictures. Unfortunately I haven't been taking pictures because I thought I would share them when everything was done. I'm really annoyed with myself because I don't even have a "before" picture of my formerly weird bath/utility room. It was gigantic, but for no apparent reason. Now it is still the same size, but it has a gigantic tub which makes the room look more proportional.

It's not finished yet, but should be soon. Although having the walls painted will take a bit longer. The tile is in, and it looks gorgeous. The floor is grouted and sealed, and the tub surround isn't yet, because the contractor needs some more bullnose. Now there's a fancy word for you.

Soon the doors will be installed for the laundry space, the laundry machines will be in there and hence out of the living room (!), the tub drain will be installed (quote from the contractor: "well, you could take a bath, but it would drain into your crawl space"), and a few other odds and ends, and I really will be able to relax in my wonderful spa tub, and also get my living room back. Not that I'll be spending any time in the living room...


Shelly said...

WHAT?! No before pictures?!

Alsotoo, what colors did you choose for the walls and tile? Or the tub, for that matter?

See post about s33kr1ts: you are holding out on us!

Catherine said...

I could kick myself for not having taken a before picture. Because no one but me will appreciate the transformation as much.

The tub is white and ginormous. The tiles are kind of a subtle blue and green, with great variation between each tile.

Still need to choose the wall color. I'm thinking a light blue-green that will work with the tile.

So there! Now you know all!

Shelly said...

Oooooh! I thoroughly approve of your palette. The blue-green spectrum is peacefulhappyjoy. You are hereby forgiven for not taking before pictures!