Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Some pix from last night's fireworks downtown:

As you can see, I didn't quite develop the knack for it. I suspect I would have done better with a tripod, but would I have wanted to carry it around all night?

This was the first New Year's Eve I've spent alone for quite some time. My friends were all out of town. I was just going to stay home and entertain myself, which is quite easy for me, but at the last minute I decided I would enjoy some music and some fireworks (which mercifully were at 9 this year and not at midnight as usual) and so I went to our town's First Night celebration. And I thought to myself, embracing eccentricity means doing eccentric things and not worrying about what other people think. Normally I would feel like I would really stand out and people would look at me funny. Now I don't seem to care.

I had a surprisingly fun time. For the first time in years, I could choose exactly what I wanted to do without comprising with others, especially small children. I can't tell you what a pleasure this was -- I only had to please myself. Of course, having company can be fun, but selecting entertainment that pleases me (and wouldn't have pleased my friends) was a blessing in disguise.

And nobody looked at me funny, at least not that I noticed. I sometimes read while waiting for a show to start, but mostly I people-watched, an activity that I greatly enjoy and that I usually forget to make time for.

My very best wishes for a happy new year to you all!


Patience_Crabstick said...

"Embracing eccentricity"--I like that!
Happy New Year.

Catherine said...

Thanks, Patience! And a happy new year to you!