Saturday, January 5, 2008

It's a dog's life

Queenie is ready for supper; moments earlier, she had hurled herself to the floor and now is licking her chops:

Everybody keep your heads in your own bowls: words to live by (thanks M!)

Zoe looking exceedingly cute:

Max looking quizzical but with glowy eyes of doom:

Confidential to Shelly: yes, that is my big foot in green crocs -- but don't you agree they look somewhat dashing with the pink socks peeking through? No? Well, they are only worn around the house and to the beach.


Shelly said...

Ha! Well, I have to admit that I actually own a pair. They're white, which is just disgusting, but they don't have holes, so they are fabulous for dog walking in areas where one's neighbors are not careful about picking up land mines. Easy clean-up, dontchaknow?

As for pink, if you're going to wear it, that's a good shade. Nice and bright and cheery!

I cannot get over how cute The Perfect One is. Not to cast asparagus upon her minions (ahem, packmates), but really, she's just adorable.

Catherine said...

I am shocked -- shocked, I tell you -- to learn that you have succumbed to the ugly stylishness that is the Croc. White is what all the nurses wear, except for pediatrics, where they wear all sorts of snazzy colors.

Our Lady graciously accepts your compliment and deigns to acknowledge you and Miss Harriet Brown. Seriously, even when she was a puppy, everyone told me how pretty she was. I had never thought of dogs as "pretty" before. I think you may be responding to the intelligent expression she always has.

As for Max and Q, you really have to see them in action to fully appreciate their divine qualities. People comment on how beautiful Q looks when she walks or runs. And Max is a goofball that will make you laugh.

John said...


We'd love it if you would do some dog posts on CASPCA's blog...maybe it would encourage other dog people to participate.


Catherine said...

John, I'm sorry but I really can't take that on right now. You're welcome to link to any of my pages that you think would be appropriate. Zoe's the one I got from CASPCA as a puppy, who is now perfect. Queenie bounded into my yard one day, and Max was adopted from Animal Connections (as was my cat, Rosalie).