Monday, January 21, 2008

Must. Make. Self. Blog.

I've become a little random about blogging lately. Possibly because my life has been turned upside down by contractors, not that I'm complaining. And possibly I'm thinking of you, gentle readers, and not wanting to bore you, for it is true that all I think about is my new bathtub, and sometimes, for variety, I think of the tile surround on said bathtub. There should be an actual bath this week -- this week, I tell you! So if I seem exceedingly mellow in the weeks to come, you'll know why.

I decided to turn to totally trashy reading after finishing The Happiness Hypothesis and Joe College. I decided that a discombobulated life called for easy reading, so mysteries it is! Currently, some book by Philip Margolin. I think it's called The Last Innocent Man. He would do well to differentiate his titles and book covers a bit more; it can get confusing. The book cover formula is:

A (good blank)
A (bad blank)
A (heinous situation)
and what could be
The title

So, like this:

A brilliant lawyer
A mysterious nymphomaniac
A grisly arson
and what could be
Burn Marks on Satin Sheets

The title should be in HUGE RED LETTERS. Seriously, he's a good author of his type, and his novels are page turners. I just don't know which ones I've read because he's got a bit of a formula thing going on.

Somehow I can't really keep mysteries straight, which is one reason I refused to read them for years. I really should keep a list, especially for authors I like, so that I can keep up with them without rereading. Somehow rereading a trashy book seems like the greatest waste of time on earth.

Well, that's all I've got.


Shelly said...

I think you should temporarily take up home improvement blogging. With peechurs. Lots and lots of peechurs.

Catherine said...

I wanted to save the peechurs until it was all done. But now I see that I should have been photographing the entire time.

Shelly said...

When in doubt, take peechurs! And if you need a better excuse than that, pop a dog and/or cat in the frame and voila, it serves a dual purpose.