Monday, June 16, 2008

Jittery yet exhausted

Does this happen to you? You're exhausted and would like to drink some coffee, but your nerve endings feel like they're outside you. More jitteriness doesn't seem like a good idea. Taking "vitamin K" and coffee together seems counterproductive. Urgh. Perhaps a nap...

PM update: Coffee is good for exhaustion. K(lonopin) is good for anxiety. My nerves are back where they should be, on the inside, not exposed to the air. A good balance of relaxed energy is achieved.

Office law: even if you have your own private office, if you wear slipper socks that look like these and try to sneak down the hall to the bathroom because you never, ever, see anyone in the hall, you will, simply by virtue of wearing these socks, run into eleventy-seven people.

PS this is the muted version provided by my cell phone. The actual socks are ever so much more garish.

1 comment:

KathyLikesPink said...

I believe I have a matching set of those garish slipper socks.

RE: Seeing people in the hall - it's that old Murphy's Law thing. Never fails.