Friday, April 25, 2008

A beautiful day, an aching jaw, and a new toy

It's so gorgeous outside that it is a travesty to be inside. Or at work. But what can one do?

And my jaw does ache, for no apparent reason. It goes through periods where it aches, followed by longer periods where it does not. I await the latter eagerly.

New toy! I've mentioned that I've been shopping for big ticket items lately, but for the most part I have resisted buying much. I have bought some books, I finally bought inexpensive white curtains that have transformed my living room, but yesterday my new camera arrived! Now I have 3, but 2 of them are much older than the one I got yesterday. Here is a picture:
Is it not beautiful? As you can see, it has a 10x optical zoom, and its point-and-shootiness is extremely excellent. It has no viewfinder, but the (3 inch!) lcd screen adjusts itself so that one can see it even in the bright light. You can change a lot of the settings yourself, or rely on the "intelligent auto" mode which seems to make better decisions than I do.

The camera I've been carrying around for a couple or several years is big and clunky and I do love it, but it's been weighing me down, man. I love it mostly for its 12x zoom, so to find a 10x zoom on a much smaller/lighter camera was a boon. I'll be able to travel light now instead of carrying a huge camera bag all the time. And although I got the last camera with grandiose plans to learn the manual settings and graduate to a DSLR, I find I'm more of a point and shoot and play with it in Photoshop kind of gal.

Now if I could only get up the nerve to take random shots of strangers...

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