Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Must break blog silence

I suppose I feel self-conscious about the confessions post from, well, the last time I posted. Urp. But enough said about that, or some might say too much said...

I didn't post for Earth Day yesterday, so today I will share with you a cartoon that I stole from somewhere:

And in conclusion, I would just like to say: Go Hillary! Way to win Pennsylvania!

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Melissima said...

I can't believe I didn't respond to your last post! Or see it! 1. You ARE perfect. The bloom is on the rose. We all mess up. I hope you're feeling OK about this, because you're wonderful at what you do and everyone knows it!. 2. I think you should spend more money. Seriously. I'd outfit the bathroom with luxurious products and a new robe and towels. Those things never lose their luster even in my bathroom. Which you know is barely existent. 3. What is an admin? Doesn't everyone get flak?