Monday, March 31, 2008

CPAP adventures

Kathy Likes Pink asked me for an update on my sleep apnea treatment. I have found a couple of masks that work well for me and I have been getting good sleep. My favorite one is the Resmed Activa, which looks like this:
Believe it or not, this thing is pretty comfortable. It's made for people who thrash around in their sleep, which includes moi, and it keeps a seal whenever I turn. It's hard to explain if you've never worn a cpap mask, but this is the best one for me.

The other one I like, for those special times when I want air blowing directly up my nostrils, is the Puritan Breeze:

Why does this man look so happy? It's because he knows he will live in the Star Trek future as a Klingon. It's certainly not because he loves wearing a cpap mask.

Although the apnea is being successfully treated, I'm still feeling kind of tired. This may be because of the restless legs (which I've been calling "the jimmy legs" since the Jon Stewart riff), known at night as periodic limb movements of sleep. I know my last post was about new health problems being made up by drug companies, but this really is a disorder that mucks with people's sleep. So yes, I am taking one of the Parkinson's meds for it. My neurologist said that the gambling side effect is rare, and since I take it at night, I shouldn't worry about it. If I start leaping out of bed at 3 am and heading for the track, he wants me to call him. I think it would more likely be online gambling at 3 am, but I'll call him either way.

So that's me and my sleep disorders. I'm not really anxious about these problems, I feel good and hopeful now that they're being treated. And, if anyone from my previous jobs is reading this, I've been on time to work since I started cpap.


KathyLikesPink said...

Wow, it's hard to see how you could move around in bed wearing one of those. But if you're getting better sleep it would be worth it. I am not a sound sleeper and I do feel tired the next day.

Catherine said...

The hose is the worst part, but on both those models it moves with you fairly easily. The big problem with masks is slippage, and the larger of those two masks actually slips less because of a special seal that adheres it to your face no matter what (for the most part).

And I'm finding I can get used to anything after a while.

I think a lot of moms are not sound sleepers, yes? Always on the alert!