Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Maisie (Dobbs) Googlism

maisie is off on an adventure

maisie is much annoyed

maisie is hanging in there as long as she can

maisie is fortunate enough to be in a home where someone is home with her all the time

maisie is excited because she thinks she might get to work in one of the film studios

maisie is more like me than any other character i've written

maisie is a large friendly tortoiseshell

maisie is also dealing with another emotional roller coaster ride

maisie is not a quitter

maisie is the main character

maisie is from england

maisie is used as a pawn in the power games of the adults who surround her; her perception of their corrupt lives leads her to an odd and disconcerting maturity

maisie is lonely

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