Wednesday, March 5, 2008

One of *those* days

I was running around like a maniac all morning, going to and fro from meetings to appointments and back again. By the time I got back here and went to the cafeteria for lunch, I was pretty much fried. I had the baked potato bar -- my favorite meal the cafeteria serves -- and the server had to teach me the following words:

Sour cream

Seriously. I could not think of those words, and I didn't even point. I just looked in the direction of the desired topping and tried to think of the word. Sad. Luckily the server was patient and we laughed together about it.

Then I brought the potato back to my office, went down the hall for water, and poured some on the cap of my water bottle -- yes, the cap was on. Made it back to my office and tried to drink from the water bottle with the cap on it.

Cheez. I felt quite restored after eating the potato, though.


KathyLikesPink said...

OH I can so identify! Some days are just like that.

At least we can laugh about it! (and blog about it?)

mystery maven said...