Friday, March 28, 2008

The water tastes funny

To whom do I complain? It worries me slightly, because in the wake of the news that most drinking water contains certain undesirable elements, I ordered myself some of this here Shenandoah Spring water. I hope it won't taste funny.

It occurred to me the other day that I have been doing nothing but nothing photographical or artistical lately. Since this occurred to me while taking a picture of a Canada goose on the roof of the Hampton Inn (will share soon), that's not so bad. I think I just haven't been very noticey. Sometimes I just trudge around without really looking at my surroundings. Usually I'm a "universe in a grain of sand" type person -- I notice small things around me and find them interesting. I don't know what the hell's going on with me. I've been watching a lot of tv shows, despite the fact that I turned off my cable and gave away my tv. If you're wondering how I'm watching tv without these implements, please allow me to invite you into the modern era. Also I would like to say that as soon as I gave my tv away, I wanted a new tv and cable and a dvr. Perhaps that's a sign that I just wanted an excuse to buy a new tv. For I have been coveting the LCD flat panel of joy.

I would like to be reading more. Although I have been reading for the Bookfest. Again, I don't know what my problem is. I think I'm adapting to life with sleep apnea, still. I wouldn't have thought it would take so long. I seem to be feeling my age right now, which causes cognitive dissonance, as emotionally I feel like I'm around 12 most of the time. Which is not to say that I'm not emotionally mature, it's more to say that I'm neurotic and continue to worry about what people think, mostly when I'm communicating with them. Which is why I love blogging, I have no idea what people are thinking unless they tell me and so far people have been kind.

Since getting chewed out whenever the hell that was, I've been a bit extra-sensitive. I'm feeling like I should just keep my mouth shut. Except with the dogs and cat, they're very accepting of whatever I might say, and also they like my singing. Also, they like my stinky clothes. Is this unconditional love or just the inability to use language with which they could disagree, argue, reprimand and demand, etc? It feels like lurve.

And speaking of unconditional love, thank you for putting up with my sentence fragments.

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KathyLikesPink said...

Just wondering how your night time mechanical device is working for you? Are you sleeping better?