Thursday, March 20, 2008

It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

You know how sometimes you get to work and something major goes wrong and someone chews you out and you cry while you're fixing the problem and later on the person who chewed you out smiles at you but doesn't apologize and you feel like an idiot and you're no good to anyone so you leave early and as soon as you get out of the building you fall on your ass causing you to bruise and your entire body to ache? That was Tuesday.

You know how you love your job and you've never had a bad day there and then suddenly you have this kind of a Tuesday and someone you greatly admire kind of lets you down and you feel pretty disillusioned and don't want to go back? That was Wednesday.

You know how you think things over and blame yourself and get mad at yourself and the person who chewed you out and then you realize that people make mistakes and that you're a person and that the other person is a person and that you can forgive and forget both yourself and the other person without actually forgetting anyone which would be kind of bad and you get up in the morning and you don't ache anymore and you realize that having one bad day in a year and a half is actually pretty good? That's today.

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Katie said...

What a great post! It makes me think, with age comes wisdom. The other day I snapped my glasses in half while trying to straighten them.
Miraculously, my frames were still being sold, so I could buy a new pair and pop my old lenses into them. I now feel so lucky to have glasses that are not lopsided and feel convinced that twenty years ago I would not be able to appreciate my good fortune. Your perspective about the bad day at work is one I aspire to.