Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Flying too high with some guy in the sky....

... is my idea of PLENTY to do! These are some photos from our trip on Sunday.

The water looked so shimmery from the air -- I tried to capture it several times but this was the closest I got.

I have no idea where this is -- a school somewhere?

Our handsome pilot, here being welcomed to the National Capital Region. Bob has a goal of flying to every airport in Virginia. This one is the closest to the forbidden airspace encircling the DC area.

The Stafford airport terminal is temporary. Stafford opened about 5 years ago, one of the few new airports in the country. The people there were exceedingly nice and gave us free doughnuts (which are really just fried cakes, and I do love cake) and showed us the plans for their beautiful new terminal to be built in the coming year.

I strongly believe that this is the University of Mary Washington, where my mother began her college career back in the olden days when it was Mary Washington College, a sister school of the University of Virginia. She was there in the late 50's and had to dress up for Sunday dinners, not forgetting to wear gloves.

Bob in front of (obviously) the Shannon airport, which is in Fredericksburg. If you closely examine his expression, it says "take the damn picture already, and why are you holding the camera sideways?"

You have to love an airport with a friendly airport cat! The dog, alas, had the day off.
I'm pretty sure this is the James River. I'm just kind of along for the ride and often have no idea where we are, although I can usually tell in what direction we're flying, but that's just because there's a huge compass that keeps us posted.

I love how liberating being in the air is. I can look down on land I would have no chance of seeing otherwise. I like taking pictures of the rich folks' houses and feeling that "a cat may look at a king."

More rich people.

And yet another estate.

There's lots of beautiful farmland to see when flying around this area.

Here we are coming in for our landing, back in Charlottesville. It was a fabulous flight. I always say "this is my favorite hobby where I don't have to do anything."

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