Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sleep experiment, Day 2

Well, I'm significantly more tired this morning. I stayed 20 extra minutes in bed -- but I was awake, I just really, really didn't feel like getting up. Now that I've been up for a few hours, I don't feel tired, but I do feel achy and I noticed that my frustration tolerance this morning was fairly low: I couldn't decide what to wear, changing my mind about 15 times, looking for things that I probably don't even own, breaking into a near-panic when I thought I found my khaki skirt, but it turned out to be a pair of shorts. Everything felt uncomfortable when I tried it on. I was pretty much laughing at myself throughout this but it *will* have to improve if I'm going to keep the 7 hours a night as a habit.

I think the second day of any new habit might be the worst possible day. I've promised to give this at least a week, because I don't think being tired for a week is going to do any major harm if that's what happens, and I want to give myself plenty of time to acclimate and learn to sleep more efficiently, if that's even possible. And I'm trying as much as I can to reserve judgment until at least a week has gone by.

Once again, however, I must say I enjoyed having extra time in the evening. I was able to do some blogging, and some reading (I'm currently reading "Gifted," by Nikita Lalwani), and some hanging out with the most fabulous dogs and cat in the world. I was unable to watch more episodes of Six Feet Under because the dang flang disk wouldn't work. Which is ok, as I can exchange it at Blockbuster, and I shouldn't be in too much of a rush to watch them all anyway -- I'm already anticipating severe withdrawal when I'm done. Which could be ameliorated somewhat if I could find some other things to watch with Peter Krause in them (I've already seen Sports Night).

But enough about me... har har!

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