Friday, September 7, 2007

To the beach!

I took the crazy dog pictured in the post below and the two other crazy dogs and we all went for an impromptu visit to Virginia Beach for two days. It was way fun. Naturally, I did not get any pictures because nothing in life has prepared me to handle 3 dogs and a camera all at the same time.

We stayed in a nice, pet-friendly Holiday Inn (the Surfside), which is right on the Boardwalk and where all the rooms are ocean front. Everyone got to ride in an elevator, a new experience for most of us -- not me, though, as I am an old hand at the elevators.

Only one of my dogs actually likes to swim, and it isn't the retriever mix, who's actually more of an anti-retriever -- it's Zoe, the cockerchow and perfect lady referred to in this blog's title. She and I went out by ourselves to swim, and we had a blast (aside from the guilt pangs at leaving the other dogs in the room). She likes to take a dip, then roll around in the sand, then chase the seagulls, and then come running at me with this crazed expression of total dog joy on her face. This was repeated many times until I became totally exhausted (I know, it doesn't sound like *I* was doing much...).

I thought the beach would be totally deserted but there were lots of people there and the weather was divine. I was initially dismayed to find there was a Shriner's convention in town, and further dismayed when the Shriners started yelling out their windows at each other, but they eventually gathered together somewhere and presumably yelled at each other there, out of earshot of moi. (Confidential to J: in case you're a Shriner Lady, as I believe they're called, I've got nothing against them, seriously!)

We took a lot of long walks in the surf, we met a lot of other dogs, there was a Dairy Queen next door, and all in all we had a blast. And then I was glad to get home and have a whole long weekend to recover, as I am stupidly a bit sunburnt and my muscles are cramping from overdoing things. But it was great to have a mini-break -- I love the ocean so much!


June Cutoff Cash said...

Anti-retriever. *giggle*

In answer to your query on my blog, glaze is just a little shot of color. So you shampoo, condition, and then toss that on for three minutes. The color intensifies with use. I am telling you, it even covers my gray (what gray?) for awhile!!

Catherine said...

Glaze... I may have to try it...