Friday, September 28, 2007

Sleep experiment, Day 3

Yesterday was a bad, bad day. I couldn't concentrate, I was having a very hard time sticking to tasks, and I was generally cranky, which is not my normal nature.

This morning I woke up feeling almost peppy. Part of it was the weather, which is cooler and less humid. But I may be getting used to sleeping 7 hours a night. I did stay in bed 20 extra minutes this morning. Rosalie cat came to visit and it's hard to resist some time snuggling with her.

The weekend may be a bit of a challenge. Something in me actively revolts against setting the alarm on the weekends, but to give this a fair trial, I probably should keep going over at least this weekend. Good "sleep hygiene," as it's called, usually entails keeping bedtime and waking up time consistent. So I'll give it a try.

Hmmm, this post is a bit flat. Perhaps I'm not as peppy as I think. Or perhaps this subject doesn't lend itself to daily reports... I'll post about this again at the one-week mark.


Sabina said...

Dear Catherine,
I found your blog through your comment on LifeTwo and appreciate it very much. I am 49, also never married and no kids, hate the stigma and the marginalization and the erroneous lifestyle presumptions. Also a Scorpio, also in the publishing industry, though I lost my job recently and that isn't helping -- it certainly gave me an easily-understood identity and I didn't have to explain to people that yes, I'm busy too. Keep writing, and know you're not the only one out there. I would add, though, that I'm taking all the sleep I can get in this year of hormonal free-fall. good luck with it all!

Catherine said...

Dear Sabina,
Thanks for writing. I really appreciate it. This is an interesting time of life, isn't it? I plan to write about it more.

I'm sorry to hear about your job -- that's very difficult and I know just what you mean about having an easily-understood identity. Good luck to you too, and I hope to hear from you more.