Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Animal week

This week I thought I'd introduce my pets, for those who don't know them. I would be lost without them. They are all very dear to me and I wanted to write about them, beginning with Our Lady of Perfection herself, Zoe.

Come on, how pretty is she? She's my gorgeous girl. I got her as a puppy from the SPCA. She is half cocker spaniel and half chow chow, so I like to refer to her as a cockerchow -- but she's not a so-called "designer dog," but rather part of an "oops" litter. She is sweet as pie and is completely devoted to me. She's a one-person dog who would never let me out of her sight if she had her druthers. She loves other people once she gets to know them, and she likes goofy, playful dogs who bow down to her need to be alpha, such as her "siblings," Queenie and Max.

Here she is with one of her favorite small people. Zoe believes she has a mission to kiss every child on the planet, and she's a stealth kisser. We'll be standing there, a child will be petting her, she seems perfectly calm and then suddenly swoop! She jumps up and kisses the child on the cheek. I have tried to stop her from doing this but to no avail, so now I warn the kids in advance. They always laugh when it happens.

The little girl in this picture once offered me money for Zoe, or she said I could just give her Zoe after she (the girl) grows up. From her mouth to God's ears.

Zoe loves to play and romp around. Here she is enjoying a fall day out in the yard -- last fall, that is, it's still summer here now, alas.

Zoe has a great sense of humor and likes to play tricks on me and her pack. Once, before we had Max, she and Queenie each had a new nylabone. Zoe decided that Queenie's bone was better and she wanted it, so she walked over to Queenie and stood there. Queenie ignored her. Then Zoe went over to the window and barked. Queenie got up to see what was outside, whereupon Zoe ran over and started chewing on Q's bone.

She and I have a game where we stalk each other, or really, get close to each other and then freeze and stare at each other. The first one to move "loses" but lots of love and hilarity ensues. She also likes to go into another room and bark until I come in to see what's wrong. There's nothing wrong -- Zoe is sitting there wagging her tail and grinning.

She's clever, smart, funny, protective, and well-behaved. She is all I could ever hope for in a dog.

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