Thursday, October 11, 2007

Poll results: Perfectionism

The results are in! None of you would admit to being total control freak perfectionists. I know they exist, but I guess none of them are reading my blog, which probably makes sense -- although 16% said they would like most things in their life to be perfect.

Two-thirds of you said that you like a few areas of your life to be perfect, such as work. WELL, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. Ok, I'm kind of kidding. But I hope you are letting yourselves off the hook when you or your coworkers make mistakes, because it's bound to happen, and perfectionism at work can cause a lot of stress. Still, I do think it makes sense to try to do your best at work.

16% also said they didn't worry too much about being perfect. Slackers! (Again, just kidding.)

Thanks so much for taking the poll!

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