Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Tuesday report

Yesterday the power washing of my house commenced. The house smells faintly of chlorine, which is (I think) what gets the mold off of the siding. The parts that are done so far look much worse than they did before the washing, but that's how it works -- everything gets cleaned up and then the new stain goes on. I'm very excited.

I could hardly sleep last night for thinking about my November novel. I finally settled down and almost fell asleep when my eyes suddenly popped open because I remembered I'm getting a new office and I just picked it out yesterday. Thinking about the novel had subsumed all other thoughts, but I'm also pretty psyched about getting an office with a door that closes and with two very large windows. And with an old-fashioned, gorgeous wooden desk. I've been editing in a cube for a year. I'll be in a different building, which will add some extra exercise to my life -- one of my friends said "it's not just work, it's a workout!"

That's all for now. Are you sure you don't want to write a novel in November???

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