Thursday, October 25, 2007

A leaky roof and another chemistry experiment

Yesterday I mentioned that the rain would be a good test for my new roof. The roof flunked. I got home to find a small amount of water on the floor. I didn't really panic per se, but I put a bowl under the leak and listened to the plunk, plunk of the water drops in a kind of vague stupor. Of course I called the roofer, and he said he would come out this evening. But instead he was there first thing in the morning (how am I going to get up in the morning when the workers have left???), saying that he couldn't sleep last night, it just didn't sit well with him, his roofs don't have leaks. He was really very sweet and conscientious. The leak was in an area that had plagued the owners before me -- and when he saw where it was, he said he knew what it was and went up and fixed it. It's still raining, so I'll see if it has stopped leaking when I get home.

My rheumatologist convinced me to try another NSAID, even though I had a severe allergic reaction to the last one I tried. She said that it was unlikely I would be allergic to all the different classes of NSAIDs, but I have to say I am scared. There are a lot of articles on the internet saying that if you've had a severe reaction to one, you shouldn't take any, but you know how the internet is. I myself sort of feel "better safe than sorry" but the dr wants to find something that will help with my chronic pain and I have to say that I felt great on the last NSAID right up to the point that I broke out in hives. So we'll see how this one goes.

I think we all have a natural fear of taking too many drugs and of being chemistry experiments... the dr had good reasons for prescribing this one and I hope she's right. I'll be pretty worried about it for the next week or so, though. I really don't think those "erythema multiforme" posts would make a good ongoing serial!

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Galliena Gornet said...

Your roofer deserves at least a batch of freshly made cookies for what he did! Not only did it show confidence in his work, it showed integrity. It showed that he cared, not just about making money, but also about the welfare of his clients and their homes. I’m glad that he came over as soon as he could and fixed the leak for you. Hopefully, the leak hasn’t returned, because if it hasn’t, then he has managed to achieve what no one else apparently has in a long time!