Friday, November 2, 2007

Ah, the creative life

Don't worry, I'm not going to go all "creative genius" on you. Especially since the first night of writing (for National Novel Writing Month) made it absolutely clear that I'm not one. I had fun, though, and the time passed without my realizing it. I made several false starts, which I left in, as we're not supposed to edit until the month is over. I kept finding that despite my best intentions, I returned to writing about myself, albeit an idealized version of myself. Or maybe "idealized" is the wrong word. Anyway, the main character seems to have a lot of me in her. I'm hoping I can fix that, as I really want to just make things up, just create characters and situations and conversations and thoughts that simply weren't there before. Is that so wrongh?

This week, I had to make a big decision about my work schedule, and I was having a lot of trouble with it because I was essentially forcing myself to be "realistic" which meant making a different choice than the one I wanted to make. I was told that I could choose to have a four-day work week and work 10-hour days. But I have had an enormous amount of trouble getting here early in the morning (I have flex hours now) and I would have to get here early to make the 4-day week work. So I kept getting "confused" about the decision because I wasn't allowing myself to choose what I really want: seriously, 4 days on, 3 days off? It's a no-brainer. Today I realized that all I had to do was figure out the schedule and stick to it, and I can do that if I choose to. If I find that it's just not working for some reason, I can go back to my boss and propose another change.

What do the two paragraphs above have to do with each other? I think when we open ourselves up creatively, it can seep into lots of different corners of our lives. (Ew, seeping...) I realized that I was imposing a lot of limitations on myself and the work decision, which I think were lifted when I allowed myself to look at things in a different way. Or something like that. Hey, I said I wasn't going to go all "creative genius" on you!

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