Sunday, November 11, 2007

Jamestown: Birds

Yesterday I went to Jamestown with a friend. I've been wanting to go there sometime during this 400th anniversary year. I was waiting for a good weekend in the fall, but it was either too hot or I was busy with something else. But yesterday it was time.

I visited there once years ago, when I was a child, but the place has been completely re-done since then. And I only remember the re-creation part, not the actual island itself where the US Park Service site is located. It was impressive to be standing on the actual ground where the fort and then the town existed.

I took pictures for the first time in a week, and it felt really good. I had been feeling lopsided with all the writing and editing, and feeling like generally I was becoming all wordy and less visual. So it was a pleasure to have a chance to take some photos, and there was a lot of wildlife on the island. I have a few pictures of the site itself, but I'll save those for another time.

First, your friend the woodpecker. I'm not sure what kind he or she is (I should know, but I don't):

We were driving from the NPS site to the re-created village site when I spotted this guy, and begged my friend to pull the car over. I believe this to be a great blue heron.

And this guy was perching on some rocks just past where the Jamestown ships are located. I think he's some kind of heron with a short neck:

I call this one "Geese in Ruins." For some reason, this cracks me up. These geese were on Jamestown island, among the ruins of, I believe, the plantation that was there after the town folded.

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John said...

Beautiful! Sounds like you and I had similar weekends. : )