Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's hard to have a midlife crisis...

...when you are eating cake. Free cake. As I always say, I don't have to pay for it, bwahahahaha.

My birthday celebration was lovely and actually went from Friday through last night. Friday night my friends took me to see Marvin Hamlisch, on whom I had a crush when I was a teenager. At that time, he had just written the music for Chorus Line and was a much-loved regular on the talk show circuit. As a kid, my mom and brother and I would all watch the after-school talk shows, Mike Douglas, Merv Griffin, and Dinah Shore. Since I told you all my age yesterday, I'm not too worried about dating myself today. M. Hamlisch was always very polite and charming, and played the piano brilliantly. I had delusions of grandeur about my piano playing, so I was especially interested in a pianist who had struck it big.

I didn't know what to expect from the show on Friday, but it was excellent. He played the piano, he told funny stories, he complimented Charlottesville a lot, and he had a vocalist with him (his own singing voice is passable, but doesn't do justice to his melodies). He was very personable and the show was great.

Saturday a friend took me out to dinner, and then last night we had cake and ice cream. So it was a birthday weekend instead of just one day, and it was a really nice celebration.

Today life is back to normal, and normal is pretty damn good, although there's no doubt that I haven't seen the last of the midlife crisis. Plus and also, it is absolutely gorgeous outside. I almost didn't come back from lunch. But like a good employee, I did return, and now like a good employee, I shall get back to work.

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