Monday, November 5, 2007

Just a quick post

I only have a few minutes, but I thought I'd write a Monday post just to say that I'm alive. The novel writing is really taking up a fair amount of time! Plus and also, my work schedule is changing and I've been very busy.

Re: novel writing: I realize the biggest block I need to get past is my fear of being boring. (I may have mentioned that before. Sorry if I'm boring you.) So I usually begin my writing sessions writing some real drivel, not that I mean to, just that I can't seem to help it. By the end of each session, I've been writing something I wanted to, telling a story or showing a scene that I like. I am not rereading anything until the month is over, so each day is a new beginning, as they say. I am hoping that after a few more days of writing I can get over my need to be prosaic in my prose. I have to just write *through* the boredom. Argh.

Yesterday I went and had my eyebrows ripped off at the Hair Cuttery. Well, not the entire eyebrows, of course, but it felt like that. Every time I go, I question my preference for waxing over plucking, and I think it's just that waxing is quick and -- this is the most important part -- someone else does it. Because the HC is in the same shopping center as the supermarket, I can always be seen skulking around in there afterward, embarrassed by my bright puffy red brows. But by the next day I look mahvelous dahlink.

You can see I really didn't have any good ideas for posting today!

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