Friday, November 16, 2007


I do love squirrels. Here are some pix. The first one is a Jamestown squirrel, but the rest are local, I believe.

What is better than when they scurry down trees, head first? Can you imagine doing such a thing? They are amazing athletes!

This little squirrel should be writing her novel. But instead she is inventing silly blog posts.


Sean Tubbs said...

I will not show this blog post to my dog, for it would upset him.

Another local blogger has an astounding picture of a red squirrel I think may be worth checking out!

John said...

Well then I must introduce you to Sherry Cermak of Davis, CA. Sher is a great blogger friend who raises baby squirrels and takes some amazing photos. -

Also, you may want to peruse the "Upsie" category. Sher often hosts Weekend Cat Blogging, and, often, the squirrels make a guest appearance which upsets Upsie (a.k.a. The STAR) to no end.

: )

Catherine said...

Sean: A swimming squirrel! Unbelievable. Thanks for sharing it. I think it was most wise of you not to share my squirrel post with your dog. One of my dogs is also quite vigilant about squirrels in the yard, but luckily they are too fast for her. She is now working on her tree-climbing skills.

John: What a great blog! I really admire people who do wildlife rescue. I had an acquaintance who did it for a while, but she got in trouble for producing extremely tame animals.

The cat blogging is also most excellent. Upsie seems like quite a character. Thanks for sharing the site.