Sunday, November 18, 2007

My new office

I did manage to take some pictures of my new office last week. There's no way to get the whole office into one picture because it is so vast -- no, actually, because of the way it's shaped. Here is a shot of my computer desk. I really didn't realize how crowded I had already made it until I saw this picture.

In contrast, this is my editing desk -- when only editing on paper will do. Which is most of the time; it's my preferred way of working. I hope you are noticing the two enormous windows I now have. This is the largest, most private office I've ever had.

The editing desk has to be neat, almost spare. I always "clear the decks" before editing. I was thinking of taking the second desk out of my office and putting a seating area there, where I could work as I do at home, lounging around on overstuffed furniture. This could still happen.

And now, a picture from home, since it's kind of weird to be posting about one's new office on the weekend (hey, think of it as my little way of getting revved up for the week ahead). This is my shadow box, which I noticed this morning was even more shadowy than usual. Don't look too closely or you will see that, like everything else in my house right now, it needs dusting.