Friday, November 9, 2007

Freedom Friday

What better way to celebrate being off from work than to publish a blog post gloating about it??? So far, I have slept late, had a leisurely breakfast, and met with my painter while still in my bathrobe. Then I felt the urge to type.

I watched the remainder of the last season of Six Feet Under last night, which was great, of course. I thought I would be sad when it was over, but I had become so totally enthralled by it that it's something of a relief to be a free woman again. I'm sure I'll get hooked on something else soon enough, but I really don't have any shows in mind at this time, so for a while I will not be a slave to those disks appearing in my mailbox. I'll still watch them, but at my convenience -- I won't feel compelled to watch them the second they arrive!

I am a couple of days behind on my novel at this point. The 10 hour work days do make it hard to come home and write, although I managed it on Monday and Tuesday. I hope to catch up on my word counts over the -- did I mention -- LONG WEEKEND. And to that end, I must bid you all adieu for now.

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