Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back at work

Somehow I find it comforting to be back at work... but I also found it comforting to be at home. I feel that with Christmas over, the new year has already begun. I know that's not technically true, but I'm taking this new year energy and using it to get organized again. Organization and concentration are two of the first things to go for me when I'm depressed (and anemic, evidently) and now that I'm back to normal, or as normal as I get, I have the means to get organized again.

Nothing makes me feel more organized than a clean desk and all my tasks set in my Palm. So I'm taking time to do that today.

I had a lovely Christmas, very laid back, with Chinese take out with friends on the day itself, followed by an evening of playing carnival games on their Wii. Who knew I would enjoy shooting ducks so much?? In some ways it felt wrong for a vegetarian, but in other ways it felt oh so right.

I took the tree down yesterday, swearing I would never put it up again. It's true that I swear this every year, because it's a pain for one person to wrangle the tree. There was a lot of very profane language and I had to reassure the dogs mightily when it was all over. I think I really might not put up a tree again. I like having my living room back to normal.

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