Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A sad day

Today is the anniversary of my mother's sudden death six years ago. Although of course with time the pain has eased, the anniversary never passes by unnoticed. The date is especially memorable given its proximity to Christmas.

I'm afraid I marked the day this year with excessive irritation at everything around me. It wasn't until the evening that I realized I was being so intolerant and impatient. Of course, this mostly involved muttering to myself and no real harm was done to anyone else, but it's an interesting reaction to sadness. It's hard to feel real sadness during the work day, when one is out and about in the world. So I guess it gets transmuted into anger or frustration.

And with that, I'm off to bed. Tomorrow will be better.

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Mamaheckberg said...

Sorry you had a sad day. The anniversary's suck. I was in a funk myself or I might have remembered the anniversary. I'm feelin' them "hey, I was 'posed to get a baby for Christmas but all I got was ten extry pounds" blues. As you know, I always get irritated to cover sadness, so I was also a beaut to my fellow human beings this day!