Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ok, you alarm clock-hunting people

For the many, many people who get to this blog by searching Google for the best alarm clock ever, only to find out that my post by that name referred to having a new roof put on my house, here are my actual candidates for the best alarm clock ever, which I have not tried, but am seriously considering:

I have a slight preference for the flying one, as I think I might smash Clocky to smithereens on first catching it, and I like to think of my cat Rosalie chasing after the little flying doodad.


Melissima said...

I think you really need to add a couple to your favorites from Core 77:

"There is the jigsaw puzzle clock that requires you to complete a small puzzle to shut it off, thus forcing your brain into motion; or the sfera hanging alarm clock, which climbs a little further up to the ceiling every time you snooze."

see here:

joselinadam said...
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