Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's snowing!

The snow looks very beautiful. I wish I were at home watching the dogs go crazy playing in it. However, I'm enjoying being able to look out my two large office windows (!) at it.

I've begun reading Pride and Prejudice. It's such a familiar story, but all the little details in the book are just a joy to read. I've decided to do movie tie-ins with the Austen books, and of course Pride and Prejudice has been filmed many times. I plan to watch all 5 editions that I can get through Blockbuster. Already winging their way to me are the two versions of Sense and Sensibility that I could find. I love the one with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet, but am not familiar with the other one, so it should be fun to see. I just never tire of these stories.

At work: finished a grant yesterday (yay!) and am working on a spreadsheet for holiday party r.s.v.p.'s today (I told you the holiday party was more complicated than it would seem). It's also my belief that I have editing to do here somewhere... must root through piles...

Enjoy the snow!

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