Tuesday, December 18, 2007

But the most amazing thing to me is...

...I get paid for doin' this (with apologies to Steve Martin). It's actually one of those "I went to college for this???" days, which I think occur in most jobs.

Today I have typed dictated letters, printed out holiday cards, folded holiday cards, stuffed holiday cards into envelopes... evidently, being a design goddess wasn't enough -- you design it, you fold, stuff, and mail it! That's ok, though, this time of year is so hectic that it was nice to sit down and do some mindless work while listening to one of my Pandora radio stations, "Insensitive." It's not truly insensitive -- with Pandora, you start with one song and then the station builds from there, and I chose "Insensitive" by Jann Arden. The biggest problem with the station is weeding out the whiny boys. Somehow the whiny girls don't bother me (and of course not all the boys are whiny).

Last night I was thinking about forgiveness -- I think something or someone reminded me of it, because I suddenly thought "what if I just forgave everybody for everything?" I have been thinking on and off of what that would mean and how I would go about it. I think I've tried so hard in my life to understand behavior, to figure out what motivates everyone, that sometimes I get stuck on behavior that I can't understand, or I make the fundamental attribution error and conclude that it has something to do with me, that it's personal, when it probably usually isn't. I mean, I don't know. These are preliminary thoughts.

Also, it's impossible for me to think about forgiveness with getting Don Henley's song, The Heart of the Matter, stuck in my head.

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