Saturday, December 29, 2007

Just cut it out!

I'm going to have a little rant here; forewarned is forearmed.

I just finished reading Anna Quindlen's novel Rise and Shine. I like her writing, I liked the story, but for the love of all that's holy, why do so many books end with everyone happily coupled, and having children? I'm not ruining anything: this is true of a lot of books written by women and for women. Oh, in this book, everyone also has meaningful work. That's what is meant by "having it all."

Not all of us have it all, or even want it all. There are other paths to happiness and fulfillment. And I'm really pretty satisfied with my life when books like this are not making me feel like a freak and a weirdo.

What is it about the status quo that makes it need such constant bolstering?


John said...

Isn't this what's meant by "fiction?" As for my personal status quo, it's not very satisfying. That's why I'm going out and buying stuff I don't need as soon as I warm up my car.

: )

Catherine said...

Well, it *is* fiction, but it's more of a problem with chick lit, a genre that has gotten completely out of control, but which I'm still sometimes drawn to, and anyway I didn't think Anna Quindlen was a chick lit kind of gal. I've really loved her other books, which is perhaps why this one was so disappointing.

Have fun buying stuff! Are you sure you don't NEED it? :)